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GDC 2023 - Future of Spatial Audio

May 02, 2023 by Dolby Games

Hear what the experts have to say. Watch as four of the top technical minds from various facets of the game audio ecosystem discuss the future of Spatial Audio in games.

Martin Dufour | Chief Technical Officer, Audiokinetic
Robert Ridihalgh | Principal Tech Audio Specialist, Microsoft
Mike Mason | Director of Game Technology, Dolby

Hosted by: Alistair Hirst Sr. Developer Relations Manager, DolbyWatchButton.png

Martin's Bio: Martin Dufour is the chief technology officer at Audiokinetic, where he has been participating in the development of Wwise for nearly 20 years. He enjoys code, sound and music, so he's likely to keep at it for a while more.

Robert's Bio: A 31 year veteran of the game industry, Robert is an audio programmer, sound designer, composer, and voice recording specialist. His work has shipped in hundreds of titles on multiple platforms from the Super Nintendo in the early 90’s to today’s latest consoles. Robert has been with Microsoft since 2012 and is currently Principal Audio Specialist for Microsoft's Advanced Technology Group.

Mike's Bio: Mike is the director of technology for gaming at Dolby and responsible for bringing spectacular audio and imaging experiences to gaming by enabling game creators and consumer devices. In the last decade Mike has contributed to ensuring Dolby Atmos was available in millions of devices including, TVs, phones and game consoles and spent a significant amount of time creating the Dolby Atmos for headphones technology. Since the first releases of Dolby Atmos enabled games Mike has focused on getting better gaming content creation tools into the hands of game developers for Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, so that players can get to experience wherever they play.

Alistair's Bio: Alistair Hirst has shipped over 44 games across 11 platforms, mostly as an Audio Director. He launched the Need for Speed franchise as Audio Director during his 10 years at Electronic Arts. He co-founded OMNI Audio, a game audio company which worked on four campaigns of Guild Wars, Halo 2 among many other. He was Audio Director at Amazon Game Studios for 6 years before joining Dolby Laboratories.
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