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Object-based Routing with Wwise

May 23, 2023 by Dolby Games

GDC 2023 Speaker Series: Listen as Damian Kastbauer, Wwise Product Manager at Audiokinetic, describes how to author once for the best audio across all outputs and some of the reasons for exploring the availability of object-based formats. Discover the reasons and methods for routing with 3D Audio to present the best sounding experience with the greatest spatial precision. Authoring for the greatest spatial fidelity allows for greater compatibility across channel-based and spatial audio enabled formats. Gain a greater understanding of how to leverage the functionality in Wwise to deliver the best mix for all output types.


Bio: Damian Kastbauer is a Software Product Manager for Wwise at Audiokinetic helping to grow the future of game audio with the community.
Connect: @audiokinetic |

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