Creating Games with Dolby Technology

Using the Doby Atmos® logo on your Xbox game is a simple process. First, fill out our Dolby Atmos Game Checklist, and submit it for review. We'll turn this around and get you feedback within 24-48 hours. For more urgent cases, contact us.

Next, download the logo and add it to your game packaging, descriptions on storefronts, and/or add it to your game's splash screens or credits. Go nuts. This is a great way to tell your users you care about their audio experience.

Last step, fill in the Dolby Atmos Logo Form and submit for our records.  That's it, you're done.

Step 1: Dolby Atmos Game Checklist Dolby Atmos Checklist
Step 2: Get the logo Get the logo
Step 3: Logo Review Form Dolby Atmos logo review form