Less Work

Game Developers are facing tough pressures to make more games in less time. Dolbys Real-Time Rendering SIDK provides a singular pipeline for creating next generation games in less time, saving you money in the process.

  • Art Teams – Because of the single authoring pipeline, your artists only have to create metadata describing a scene once, and multiple masters can be generated in Dolby Vision, HDR10, and SDR displays on the fly.
  • Engineering Teams – Our SIDK has an Unreal Engine plugin, allowing you to get into Dolby Vision authoring right away. Custom built game engine? No Problem. We have the libraries and documentation for implementing Dolby Vision into your bespoke engine. We see most AAA game teams integrate Dolby Vision into their engine in around 2 weeks with a single rendering engineer, which solves months of HDR backlog work.
  • QA Teams – Because of the single authoring pipeline, you won’t experience art bugs that only occur in one master. This leaves your QA teams open to testing for art bugs on any display available to them.