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Get Started with Dolby Atmos

Building your game’s audio landscape in Dolby Atmos is simple and straightforward, using the tools you already use today in your game audio workflow. Scroll down to find out more about Dolby Atmos and the technologies and platforms you support.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Currently Dolby Atmos is available for PC and Xbox. PS5 is not currently supported. Be sure to check back for updates.

  • You will need to make some changes to your studio in order to support Atmos mixing and monitoring.  For more information on how to update your space to be Atmos compatible, please contact us at

  • For more information about working with Dolby Atmos and Wwise, check out our video section.

  • No, Dolby Atmos is also available for mobile games as well. Check out this page for more information.

  • This article is a good starting point for creating spatial audio in your game.  

    Please feel free to contact us at if you have specific questions about your title and the use of spatial audio.

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