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Dolby Atmos is delivered using Epic's Unreal engine two different ways.

For more information how middleware is configured to take advantage of Dolby Atmos, please review the documentation below

Dolby Atmos Plug-in for Unreal Engine

As an extension to the Unreal Engine, the Dolby Atmos plug-in for Unreal Engine embeds within the controls of the Unreal Editor user interface. The plug-in provides access to enhanced Dolby spatial audio processing for game development and design on Windows 10/11, Xbox Series X|S and Android platforms.

There are a few steps to access the plug-in:

  1. Create an account on (Opens in a new window)
  2. Review and Sign the EULA for using the plug-in
  3. Download the plug-in

Click the link below to get started!

Dolby Atmos Documentation

Get more information on:

  • What Dolby Atmos is
  • Studio configuration
  • Signal flow
  • Audio middleware configuration and implementation
Studio Design

Studio Design

Designing your game in Dolby Atmos starts with the setup of your sound studio. This page contains information on bass management, room calibration, and speaker setup.

Set up your studio
UE4 + Wwise Implementation Example

UE4 + Wwise Implementation Example

This example will give you an idea of how everything fits together. Click to find out more about how to implement Dolby Atmos using Unreal 4 and Wwise 2019.2.


Logos and Guidelines

The Dolby Atmos® logo is available for applicable titles. Here you’ll find access to both the white and black logo and the Usage Guidelines.

We ask that you complete the Dolby Atmos Requirements Form and submit any artwork containing the Dolby Atmos logo for review prior to game manufacturing/distribution.

Please note that this process for obtaining logos does not apply to mobile games. Please email your Dolby contact or fill out the form here if you are working on a mobile title.

Please refer to the following Usage Guidelines for logo parameters, sizing, color palette, and correct usage of Dolby trademarks and technology names.

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