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Dolby Vision brings incredible brightness, contrast, and color to your games for a more intense, immersive, and engaging experience that pulls players into the action like never before.

Dolby Vision combines two powerful technologies - high dynamic range (HDR) and wide color gamut - with an ecosystem of Dolby Vision TVs, laptops, and monitors to give games ultravivid imaging beyond current TV standards and ensure that your artistic intent is preserved for all players.


Dolby Vision is integrated into your games through a fully featured Software Implementation Development Kit (SIDK), giving you complete control over your images and visuals - scene-by-scene.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S also provide a platform solution that uses the Dolby Vision tone mapper to display your game with vivid color with no effort.

Dolby Vision SIDK Xbox Series X/S Platform Solution
  • Manage tone mapping throughout the game to present your vision, your way
  • Master once in Dolby Vision and export for HDR10 and SDR in one pass
  • Use trims to adjust your HDR10 and SDR output
  • Allocate GPU resources as desired
  • Licensed product
  • Additional development time; unlimited control
  • Tone mapping control via Dolby Game Mode
  • Auto-enabled on the 2104 GDK. No extra integration needed
  • Displays will enter Dolby Vision mode, preventing additional display mapping from external sources
  • No GPU resources used
  • Platform applies a one-size-fits-all mapping, requiring no setup from the title
  • No tone mapper tweaking available
  • Only on Xbox Series X and Series S

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